Iberian ham shavings / 250 grams


Iberian ham shavings in a 250 g package.

Before consuming our ham shavings, we recommend airing them for a few hours to fully enhance their aroma and characteristic quality.

Enjoy them at any time of the day, as a tapa or as an accompaniment to your best recipes.


Origin: Spain
Free of allergens and gluten: Yes
Weight: 250 grams
Conservation: in a cool and dry place
Iberian ham shavings / 250 grams


What are ham shavings?

A different and unique flavor.



The Iberian ham shavings are the thin and thin slices of the shoulder that are next to the bone, where more flavor is hidden than in traditional slices.

Why ham shavings?

Taste the authentic flavor of ham.



Ham shavings are a universal ingredient that will add more flavor to your dishes, whether they are sandwiches, salads, cold soups or tapas. The chips will make you enjoy the flavor of ham like you have never done before.

How to use the ham shavings?

Season your dishes.



With the ham shavings you can design your own dishes or take advantage of our recipes to experience this unique flavor that the shavings have. Some of the recipes we have for you are:

Weight 250 kg


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